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the gathering of the works of Aeschylus 525 BC - 456 BC, has the next works:

Agamemnon, Prometheus certain, The Eumenides, The Persians, The Seven opposed to Thebes, The Suppliants, CHOEPHORAE OR, THE LIBATION-BEARERS: A LYRICO-DRAMATIC SPECTACLE

The selection of the works of Euripides, 480 or 484-406 B.C., includes the subsequent books:

Alcestis, Andromache, The Bacchantes, The Cyclops, Electra, Hecuba, Helen, The Heracleidae, Heracles, Hippolytus, Ion, Iphigenia At Aulis, Iphigenia In Tauris, Medea, Orestes, The Phoenissae, Rhesus, The Suppliants, The Trojan Women

The selection of the works of Hesiod, includes the next books:

Fragments, The safeguard of Heracles, Theogony, Works and Days

The number of the works of Homer, ca. eighth century BC, comprises the subsequent books:

The Odyssey: performed into English prose, The Iliad of Homer, a prose translation, The Homeric Hymns: a brand new Prose Translation; and Essays, Literary and Mythological, Homer and His Age, Iliad (Thomas Hobbes Translation), The Odyssey (Thomas Hobbes Translation)

The selection of the works of Lucian of Samosata, advert one hundred twenty five – advert a hundred and eighty, includes the subsequent books:

The imaginative and prescient, A Literary Prometheus, Nigrinus, Trial within the courtroom of Vowels, Timon the Misanthrope, Prometheus on Caucasus, Dialogues of the Gods, Dialogues of the Sea-Gods, Dialogues of the useless, Menippus, Charon, Of Sacrifice, Sale of Creeds, The Fisher, Voyage to the reduce international, The established student, Apology for ‘The established Scholar’, A Slip of the Tongue in Salutation, Hermotimus, or the Rival Philosophies, Herodotus and Aetion, Zeuxis and Antiochus, Harmonides, The Scythian, how you can Write heritage, the real heritage, The Tyrannicide, The Disinherited, Phalaris, I, Phalaris, II, Alexander the Oracle-Monger, Of Pantomime, Lexiphanes, lifetime of Demonax, A Portrait-Study, Defence of the ‘Portrait-Study’, Toxaris: A discussion of Friendship, Zeus Cross-Examined, Zeus Tragoedus, The Cock, Icaromenippus, an Aerial excursion, The Double Indictment, The Parasite, an illustration that Sponging is a career, Anacharsis, a dialogue of actual education, Of Mourning, The Rhetorician’s Vade Mecum, The Liar, Dionysus, an Introductory Lecture, Heracles, an Introductory Lecture, Swans and Amber, The Fly, an Appreciation, comments Addressed to an Illiterate Book-Fancier, Slander, a caution, The corridor, Patriotism, Dipsas, the Thirst-Snake, A observe with Hesiod, The send: Or, the needs, Dialogues of the Hetaerae, The loss of life of Peregrine, The Runaways, Saturnalia, Cronosolon, Saturnalian Letters, A ceremonial dinner of Lapithae, Demosthenes, The Gods in Council, The Cynic, The Purist Purized

The selection of the works of Sophocles 496 BC-406 BC, comprises the subsequent books:

Oedipus the King, Oedipus At Colonus, Antigone, Ajax, Electra, Trachiniae, Philoctetes, Oedipus the King, Oedipus At Colonus and Antigone, Ajax and Electra, Trachiniae and Philoctetes

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